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Al Manning would like to thank the music producer Kevin Anderson for all his level of skill in helping him create Amazing Grace. 

The talented music producer Steve Powell for adding his finishing touches to Amazing Grace. He also produced the songs Pass Me Not and The End Is Not Yet.


God Is Standing By was produced by Stuart Green from III Chronicles Studios. Stuart was responsible for mixing down the tracks.  The mastering was done  in the iconic Abbey Road Studios. The reggae was mastered by Archer Studios. Al is incredibly excited to release the bonus track People Get Ready to the American market in due course. 

Special Thanks:


Sarah Tobias – Saxophonist and Vocals

Ian Lewinson – Lead Guitarist

Anthony Manning – Lead Guitarist

Dave Johns – Rhythm and Lead Guitarist

Mea J - Vocals 

Sandra Stevenson – Vocals

Eve Dhi – Vocals

Helen - Vocals





Al’s covers where originally composed by his favourite gospel composers. Find out what inspired the songs on his EP below.


Amazing Grace - Written by John Newton. Al loves the lyrics of the iconic song, as it makes him appreciate the special love that God has for us.


God Is Standing By - Written by Johnny Taylor. This song gives Al the confidence and strength to know that no matter what is going on, God is always there.


Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour - Written by Fanny Crosby. Al believes that this song lets everyone know that if you ever feel down, God will never pass you by.


The End Is Not Yet - This song is inspirational to Al because it resonates so well with the current times, we are living in.


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